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Waiter gave me a wobbly table

By Blair G. Moluba, Special to The Brutal Times, CHICAGO — It’s not easy to find a quiet cafe where you can unwind and catch up on work on your laptop while checking your texts on your phone. So I […]

Latest Brutality

Study: People look better with their masks on

By Ray Goolens, Special to The Brutal Times,  New York — A landmark study has confirmed what we’ve known all along: People look better in face masks than without them. Prestigious Caribbean think tank MyGoodies found that most people were […]

Latest Brutality

Finally, things are looking up

By Styles Cradgerock, THE HAGUE – Russian President Vladimir Putin has ended his “special military operation” in Ukraine. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un says he will stop launching missiles and end his nuclear weapons program. Former U.S. President Donald […]

Genius of the Week

Jan. 6 Committee to store docs at Mar-a-Lago

  By Styles Cradgerock, PALM BEACH — The committee investigating the deadly insurrection at the U.S. capitol  has decided to accept an offer from former U.S. President Donald Trump to store its evidence against him at his Florida estate, Mar-a-Lago. […]

Presidential Daily Brief

Gorbachev won’t attend own funeral

By Styles Cradgerock, MOSCOW ON THE HUDSON – Mikhail Gorbachev has responded to Vladimir Putin’s statement that he won’t attend the former Russian leader’s funeral. “I’m not going, either,” Gorbachev, affectionately known by fans as Gorby, said Friday. “I have […]

Ordinary People

Man irons new wrinkles into shirt

By J. Andrew Hollingsworth, Special to The Brutal Times, RIYADH – I was ironing my shirt for work, the white long-sleeved one, and I was almost finished when I noticed that I had ironed more wrinkles into it. I’d say […]

Ordinary People

I like pushing buttons on my computer

By Michael Dean, Special to The Brutal Times, BOISE- I like pushing buttons on my computer. I’m not a fan of touchscreens because stabbing the glass like I’m doing now on my iPhone hurts my fingers. Let me explain. I’m […]


Man replies to email without reading it

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People who look nice are nice

By The Serge, PITTSBURGH – People who look nice are nice, a landmark study by Billy, a tween, has found. ”See that guy over there? That guy with the mustache and the curly hair, with his wife?” The one in […]

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