One Billion Killer Baby Names!

By Business Jesus, PARIS – Well, it’s that season again, and everybody’s flummoxed as to what to name their kid? No worries, mate! BT and the folks at home have double-teamed on a new eBook that you can download straight to your snout, giving a royal shout out to 1 billion killer baby names!

“I think one billion is a bit rich,” chimed child chimney sweep, Mick Benjamin, 11. “I guess some people think we got all the time in the world,” he went on.

Point taken.

For those who like their killer baby names on the go, look below fo’ mo’, Joe:

Top Ten Killer Baby names:

10. Henry
9. Chucky
8. Ted
7. Nancy
6. Adolf
5. Laverne
4. Michael
3. Jason
2. Damien
1. Killer

What’s in a name? Only the key to the tower of power to compete and get that dream home treat. Choose wisely and you too could be snuggling into slippers the size of Flipper’s flippers 20 years from now when young Killer takes the reins at the nation’s top tier investment bank.

Then who’ll it’ll be time to thank?



BJ at BT!

Prove me wrong.

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Your own personal BJ, Business Jesus rowed his dingy ashore to the scattered applause of Wall Street and Main Street. Wiping his hands on his Julian Assange jeans, Daoist Jonesist BJ never sleeps, and never scrolls down. His rants are to be collected this spring in a 24 billion page tome, OK Comptroller, available in tablet or liquid form.
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2 Responses to One Billion Killer Baby Names!

  1. beth lee says:

    Aw, come on! Whut about the rest o them billion baby names?

  2. la bear says:

    Hmm. Is it just me, or does anyone else out there find it awfully interesting that 2 outta 3 recent brutal articles are about names?! Killer baby names and nameless drifters?