Delicious Topping


Books! Whut are they goooood for? Absolutely nuthin’! Who said that? Creedence? Naw…somebody, though.If they said it in the library though, they probly got sshed. Still, books are gonna be with us for a long time. BT loves books as much as you…so…turn to page muthaf****n’ one and let’s get this reading circle started!?!

Anonymous Found Dead

By The Serge, PARIS – This famous French city is being shock-rocked this morning as town criers shriek the news that the world’s most famous recluse has died.

Librarians Threaten National Security

  By Marshall Stack (NEW YORK CITY) -At the Pinecrest Public Libary in Quikton, things just aren’t the same. Gone are the boisterous crowds of youngsters eager to chew the fat in low whispers about their favorite scribes. No longer […]