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“Ssh! Keep your voice down! Someone might hear your foolishness!” Remember when your teacher used to say that and you’d think, “What was that that old bag said?” and then go back to crunching your numbers on your desk and studying your Masonic rites? No? Oh…homeschooled! Cool! Still, Yves and Eve Dropper are standing by to take note of all your overheard wisdom. After all, isn’t that what the Internet is for?

Two Monks Go Into a Starbucks

By Yves Dropper, The Holy City of Toronto, COLLEGE N’ ST. GEORGE STARBUCKS – So, two monks go into a Starbucks, sit down n’ bitch.

Joined in progress –

Starbucks Customer Gives Staff Explosive Royal Snuberoo

By Yves Dropper, Toronto, COLLEGE STREET STARBUCKS –

YOUNG FRIENDLY FEMALE STAFF MEMBER (sweeping up trash gathered at the Brutal Times galoshes):

3-Year-old Already Knows the F-word and more!

By Yves Dropper, Toronto, COLLEGE STREET STARBUCKS –

Joined in progress – 3 young moms are talking, nodding in agreement.

Toronto Mom Does Not Take any Shit from Her Kids

By Yves Dropper, Toronto, RIVIERA BAKERY – Moms are moms. They have it hard. Livin’ in the city, livin’ it up, not givin’ it up they lay down the Ja Rules for all to see.

‘I Love Barbie’ Says 5-Year-Old Boy

By Yves Dropper, Special to The Brutal Times, TORONTO – As Toronto spreads its broken wings and learns to fly this was a moment that was only waiting to arrive.

Young Roppongi Drunk: ‘My Dick is Your Dick’

TOKYO (Roppongi) Sun. June 20/The New Lex 3:02am – The Brutal Times and a friendo were moping the floor with their faces as youngsters jammed their pointy double-jointed elbows into our crotches and guts.

Lady Gaga sang about the things that really make us tick.

No one was anywhere near getting any play.

Japanese Man Critiques Bukowski

By Yves Dropper, Tokyo, SHIBUYA – Fri. Apr. 18/Tower Records 9th Floor English Books Section 8:42pm – The Brutal Times is standing reading a Charles Bukowski novel. A fucker comes up. “You…liiike it?!?” Big eyes. Big face. Free English. “I […]

Shibuya Model Wants To ‘Get Into Photography’

By Yves Dropper, Tokyo, SHIBUYA, Mon. Nov.26/Royal Host Restaurant 1:12pm – A sexy young Canadian model sitting alone in a nearly empty Tokyo Royal Host diner chatted intensely with an unseen female friend on the other end of her Docomo […]