Japanese Man Critiques Bukowski

By Yves Dropper, Tokyo, SHIBUYA – Fri. Apr. 18/Tower Records 9th Floor English Books Section 8:42pm –

The Brutal Times is standing reading a Charles Bukowski novel.

A fucker comes up.

“You…liiike it?!?”

Big eyes. Big face. Free English.

“I don’t know yet.”

“He’s…a bad writer…”

“Um. See you later.”

Angry now.

“It’s just…paper!”

Slurks into a hole and disappears.

It was raining outside.

About Yves Dropper

Do you have an interesting story to tell all locked up inside of you? I'll bet you do! And just in case you get liquored up enough to tell it in public, you can count on veteran BT sideshow and critic of garage erotica Yves Dropper to tell it for you! Not happy with what Yves is doing by his lonesome? Set on embarrassing yourself, your friends, family and coworkers as Yours Truly? Drop Yves a line at thebrutaltimes.com and if they live up to the toweringly high standard known as conversational gold, he promises to use all your stories just like they were all his own.
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5 Responses to Japanese Man Critiques Bukowski

  1. Smyrton Bliver says:

    That reminded me of the time the world exploded and the sky turned fantastic purple
    with lemon screaming sunshine bursts of ordinary light flake earth worm fly scraper
    turn off whirlwind dynamo landmine rainbow dream bomber!

  2. billy says:

    hey you have a funny name!

  3. minako says:

    hi billy this is minako! i’m japanese girl just got back from nyc.

  4. Dusty Bible says:

    A Bukowski inspired poem in the spirit of things

    I walk through the door
    check the seat
    give it a wipe anyway
    in case
    some fucker has pissed on it
    trousers and knickers down
    and out it comes …

    The Poetry

    slow and satisfying
    stinking …. filling the air with the warning
    an empty room
    the sounds of water dripping echo coldly
    the colours of orange and beige
    the lines of the tiles
    the humanity of the toilet roll dispenser
    offering kindly to each and every ass
    The noble Buddha of the Bog
    judges no man
    careful now
    don’t drop the notebook
    wipe carefully
    to avoid bleeding as much as possible
    wash hands and back out the door
    back to work
    the ignorant philistines back in the office
    just don’t appreciate Art
    they think its…


  5. admin says:

    young people have so much more to contribyoot to sociecheese than their constant bitching and conplains. thank gawd this minor had the guts to speak out!?! much better than spraying it all over my garage door.