Double-Barrelled Secret Brutal Parties Hit Tokyo

By Smia Oots TOKYO – The twin sister cities of Shimokitazawa and Higashi-Kitazawa, located in the opulent Setagaya district are heavily-rumored to be the sites of unprecedented late-night bacchanalia this Saturday night, The Brutal Times has learned.

Shawna Hailbloom, a 22-year-old unpaid intern at The Brutal Times obtained details of two secret parties loosely connected with senior staff members of the infamous Internet machine website, which is based in the so-called “golden triangle” area nestled snugly in between the Shibuya, Sangenjaya & Shimokitazawa college carnage zones.

“In Shimo from about 7 something is happening at a place called Heaven’s Door,” Hailbloom said, early this morning. “DJ Salinger will be there at 9. Mr Impossible will be there from 10.”

Both Salinger and Impossible are well-known in Shimokitazawa circles but seldom venture out in daylight.

“Higashi-Kitazawa is not safe Saturday night either,” Hailbloom confided. “Admin, or Brutal Mike will be there much of the night. It’s an anniversary event. The place is tiny. Japanese rock stars own it.”

A search using an Ipod machine revealed the bar’s name to be “HeebeeJeebee”. Rock and roll, foul language, and animal noises begin after 10pm.

Stay off the streets. You have been warned.

Stay off the streets.

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  1. troy james macfarlaine says:

    im in bed at 10 myself. too late for me.