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These young folk. Thank God they’re leaving. Packin’ up their mobular telefones and iPubes and pods and you know…headin’ outta here. Backpackers follows the travels and travails (French Canadian for travels) of our heroes – young you’s!!!! Sure to have a good time hitting the road and..oooh – not so sure to have a good time. Still.

Weary Travellers Take Comfort in Moscow’s Allure

By Sarah Kitt, Special to The Brutal Times, MOSCOW – What was I thinking? Oh my fucking godddd! This country, this city if you can call it that, and I would not, is a complete and utter wasteland.
Traveling to Russia had been my dream ever since I read Beyond Good & Evil by Karl Marx in college. The trick ending blew my mind! I was instantly hooked on all things Russian after I finished page 6,897 and put the book into my apartment incinerator.

Backpacker Gets Warm Reception in Europe

God I hate Italy! It’s so boring and the people are so dumb and rude! The weather is atrocious- it just pisses rain all day long since it isn’t cold enough to snow. But it is cold enough that you have to wear three sweaters underneath your raincoat to keep from freezing to death.