Shibuya Model Wants To ‘Get Into Photography’

By Yves Dropper, Tokyo, SHIBUYA, Mon. Nov.26/Royal Host Restaurant 1:12pm – A sexy young Canadian model sitting alone in a nearly empty Tokyo Royal Host diner chatted intensely with an unseen female friend on the other end of her Docomo mobular telephone Monday.

Although details of the call are sketchy at press time, the wide-ranging confab touched on “seeing Lance Armstrong last night at the Lex” (presumably The Lexington Queen, a notorious party den in Tokyo’s trendy Roppongi niteclub district), and Mr Armstrong stiffing a plastered tablefull of aspiring models for his bar tab.

About two hours into the tea time jawbone Ms Model dropped a simmering bombshell, announcing suddenly, “I really want to get into photography.”

Whomever it was on the other end of the hotline then abruptly ended things, presumably not wishing to become entangled in the taboo topic of models who wish to commit the cardinal sin of switching from photographed to photographer.

Yet Ms Model seemed to recover well from the friend’s cold shoulder, adding before she rang off, “Well, I have to go to a ‘go see.’ I’ll call you back.”

Or will she?

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5 Responses to Shibuya Model Wants To ‘Get Into Photography’

  1. mr. impossible says:

    mr. impossible wonders whether it is time to get out the old minolta and head on down to the lex with salinger and jouzu for some long overdue investigative reporting.

  2. billy says:

    how old is that girl?

  3. hirosawa etsuko says:

    she must have much freetime. in Canada many people can sit in restarants in the daytime? in japan almost all japanese mast work very hard.

  4. nagrek horn says:

    tokyo man. oh yeah, that sounds wild over there. like to catch me a jet plane.

  5. minako says:

    hi horn san! im minako, 22, japaneese girl, like sports , soft tennis, ice. what do you play sports?!?!