Young Roppongi Drunk: ‘My Dick is Your Dick’

By Yves Dropper, Tokyo, ROPPONGI, Sun. June 20/The New Lex 3:02am – The Brutal Times and a friendo were moping the floor with their faces as youngsters jammed their pointy double-jointed elbows into our crotches and guts.

Lady Gaga sang about the things that really make us tick.

No one was anywhere near getting any play.

Haven’t you heard?

Roppongi is a sausagefest.

Just then Jimmy Jam-san strolled up, the proverbial Business Jesus – a little Sid Vicious mixed in with just a dab of Charlie Sheen circa 1987 Wall Street.

“My dick – is your dick”, he offered grinning from ear to ear.

And then – “I have the yellow feeeever!”

Sidney Charlie!

This young drunkman could be penning speeches for the President-elect.

“Iran – my dick is your dick.”

They’re just words. But they bring people together.

And they come from a place of love.

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4 Responses to Young Roppongi Drunk: ‘My Dick is Your Dick’

  1. figbun says:

    should’ve tazed him, bro

  2. billy says:

    Or do they!?! ah ha ha ha – you fergot your punchline! Ah h ha ha!

  3. minako says:

    hi!! i’m minako, japans girl. i wanna go ropongi sooo much!!

  4. goffer says:

    hi minako!! what’s your favorite Japanese food? Do you like mac shake?