Two Monks Go Into a Starbucks

By Yves Dropper, The Holy City of Toronto, COLLEGE N’ ST. GEORGE STARBUCKS – So, two monks go into a Starbucks, sit down n’ bitch.

Joined in progress –


“So, breathing…could be like…what sex used to be like…previously.”

MONK 2 nods in agreement.

Later –

On being a monk:


“I think it’s harder…to go 9-5 at some other crappy job.”

And – On whether to stay in for the long haul or bail out now:

“Let’s say I go up in another 10 years…come out with 400 grand…I could go up at any minute…carpal tunnel syndrome…do I really need another 100 grand?”

And – On what others would think about bein’ a monk fer so long:

“[They might say] what did you do with those 10 years?”

“I was a monk in a forest…sounds a bit suspicious.”

Why are you laughing?


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5 Responses to Two Monks Go Into a Starbucks

  1. carlos santos says:

    “breathing could be like sex” ? come on! you guys are nothin but a bunch a bums.

  2. tetley says:

    It’s clear you need to step back and research other people other than yourself more acutely. Monks would never have such a conversation, hence you should be flogged.

  3. kaylie says:

    No one – no one – should be flogged here. tetley, you need to grow up and maybe take some time doing a course or something.

  4. cynthia furtriene says:

    How can this story be latest brutality, whenit’s been up for days, nights, etc? are the monks still there LOL. I bet those aren’t even the monks in the photo.

  5. the truth hurts says:

    i wanted to be a monk, but then my dad made me join the army? and now i’m in libya? gettin’ the oil? jeez…how the timeflies… anybody know ‘few can take monk nite courses…from libya?