MySpace Backing Gaddafi in Social Network War

By Daemon Mailer, Libya, TRIPOLI – Chief executives from classic rock social networking site MySpace met with Libya’s head honcho, Moammar Ghadafi at Denny’s this morning to hash out plans for a “full frontal” assault on rebel bases held by FaceBook and Twitter, the Brutal Times has learned.

MySpace morning man Randy Andy, 45, said Ghadafi, or “MG” as fans call him, is “pumped for a new album and tour”, even though he hasn’t released anything since his hit single, “Chad”, back in the ’80’s.

“MG – Mommy – is pumped for a new a new album and tour, and his doctors say he’ll be able to perform 10,000 shows at London’s 02 stadium next month if he isn’t assassinated by some hater first,” Andy went on.

MySpace has been courting the Middle Earth heavyweight ever since people forgot about it (MySpace).

“FaceBook and Twitter have that Mark Zuckerberg guy in their ads and Steve Jobs, Google has Obama…Ghadafi is basically the only celebrity left,” a spokesperson from MySpace said, on the condition that they not be named in this article because we made them up.

Hey, how should we spell Ghadafi’s name? Is it Ghadafi, or Gaddafi, or..?

“Just choose one, stick that in the headline of your blog and tag all the rest.”


But, hey, how about that guy…what’sisname?


Yeah! What’s he thinkaboutit?!?

“Obama, speaking on condition that he not be named in this article as he didn’t know what he was talking about…”

Ho….good one!

Or is it?!?

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3 Responses to MySpace Backing Gaddafi in Social Network War

  1. Jane says:

    I am a MySpace user, and I want to know if the global war on terror is going to affect my band’s friend count?

  2. hannah trudelle says:

    I couldn’t decide whether you were trying to be unfunny or were just unfunny. I also think it’s rude to post pictures of Michael Jackson after his death. Plus, he was never funny in life, so it doesn’t compute, if you think about it.

  3. rongnumber says:

    He needs to go to Top Cuts! Tee hee hee!!!!