Top Three Ways To Tell if Your Partner Wants an Open Relationship

By Coco Nostradamus, TORONTO –
Hey guys, time to put your winter boots on and help yourself to another sandwich. Everybody got their coffees?If you were born on this date, you might want to take a look at the following before making any big decisions this week involving you or a partner in your life:

(1) The structure of astrology is both horizontal and vertical:
• The horizontal structure consists of 3 different levels of 12 basic units, all of which are clear and distinct ideas separate from on another so as to form a collection of 12 individual images per separate level or dimensions. Each Sign appears as aribitrary in relation to the appearance of the other 11 on that level, and as seen from an imagined distance. This is the structure of the macrocosm, as known by a set of constellations and a set of planets seen from the unique conditions of earth.
o 12 gods/planets (the pantheon);
o 12 Houses (the 12 temples under the exclusive and absolute control of each god);
o 12 Signs (12 constellations visible as the underside of a celestial sphere enclosing the earth at its centre. Each Sign corresponds to the underside of a House, an inversion like the relationship between x and 1/x);
• The vertical structure is the mime between the totality of the macrocosm, or the domain beyond the human that dominates and subordinates all human experience as a pure potential, whether humanity understands this or not. Therefore
the microcosm must include the potential for delusion. The relationship between the microcosm and the macrocosm is analogous to that of hand-and-glove so that there are two separate and distinct surfaces, planes, in parallel relationship to other another. It is only the lack of an ordering principles that makes the two appear to be absolutely different and yet part of the same material occurrence. The macrocosm renders itself invisible to the conditions of the microcosm (human experience), so that the microcosm is all that exists as sensible and an object of science.
o The vertical structure joins the set of maximum and set of minimum values as existing in the macrocosm and microcosm respectively, parallel and at an infinite distance form one another, and yet as belonging to the infinite, are immediately joined to each other as two sides of the same coin that represents a single, more complex concept.
(2) An astrological reading of the microcosm must separate the mixed and confused event of human sensory experience into the 12 separate abstract Houses and then determine how the perceived net change on earth or historical occurrence is the net effect of an encroachment of one god onto another and the punishment that restores the divine balance, as guaranteed by Jupiter. A human being is free on earth, although governed by a Sign, in the same way that a Sign is free and yet also governed by a god within a House. As such, we must read astrologically from the perspective of Jupiter and the horizontal balance between infinitely large and the infintely small.
(3) An astrological reading starts with the truth of science and its method as given and advances a collateral understanding of social justice in terms of the material structure of beauty. The ideal of pure truth is impractial for humans and must be sacrificed in the interests of a material beauty and a social harmony that is accessible to human capabilities and remains respectful to a dialogue among all separate cultures. Truth must fit within cultural traditions rather than being an impractical universal standard.

Make sense?

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