Is Mike Pompeo Starting to Look Like Kim Jong Un?

Is Mike Pompeo Starting to Look Like Kim Jong Un?

By Billy, Belmopan, BELIZE – Hey, is it just me or is Mike Pompeo starting to look a lot like Kim Jong Un?


Mike Pompeo.

“Mike who?”

The CIA director-soon-to-be-U.S. secretary of state guy.


So, does he look like North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un now, or what?

“Well, I think that’s probably making quite a stretch.”

But he looks different from like a few weeks ago before he went over for that secret Easter summit in the Pyongyang.

“The hoo-ha?”

Before he flew over there to talk to Kay Jay about that summit thing, with the Trumpster, later on.

“I wouldn’t know about that.”

About what?

“Well look, a lot of people’s faces change when they fly.”

No, but this was after he flew. He’s off the plane now – the flight’s finished.

“Are you trying to be smart?”

No, look, but don’t you see the resemblance between the-

“You get paid for thinking up crap like this?”

Well, no, I’m an intern, but I’m-


Yeah, but the writers-


Yeah, but the writers, they-

“Who gives a shit what they look like?”

Excuse me?

“Who gives a? So they look alike, so what?”

Well …

“I suppose you think it’s supposed to be news?”

Well …

Well, I thought it was interesting …





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