Band that broke up is getting back together

By DJ Salinger, TOLEDO – A band that broke up is getting back together, The Brutal Times has learned.

Why you getting back together?

“Oh, a lot of things. Mainly the money,” the band’s lead singer said.

Why’d you break up anyways?

”Oh, we hated each other. I mean I wanted to strangle [the band’s drummer].”

You must really like music.


I mean, to give up your lives for it.

”Well, most of us are still alive, actually, except  [the drummer] who actually was strangled, but later on.”

Uh ….


Uh …


I don’t really know what to ask you.

”You could ask me about the strangler.”


Uh …

”You don’t wanna ask me?”

Uh …

”How about, ‘what songs are you gonna play?’”

I don’t know any of your songs.

Huh. But you do know who we are.

“You do know who we are. Everyone, I mean, most people surely …”


Why are you laughing?


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