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Thinking Man’s Rock

Do you have to be taught…how to rock? I dunno, but the thing is DJ Salinger, the recluse on the loose at The Brutal Times is thinking deeper than any man woman or manwomanandchild combo aboot le rock, le roll, le blues, le clasic, le hip du hop etc. Why listen to him? Don’t. Listen to his hands. Bumping.

Top Record Stores Offer ‘Five Finger Discount’ Fridays

By DJ Salinger, TOKYO – In a preemptive shot across the bow of music piracy kingpins and iPod inventors Bill and Melinda Gates, top record stores HMV and Tower Records announced they plan to appeal to the dark side of […]

One Man’s Opinion: Opera Sucks

By Marshall Stack (TORONTO)- Musicologist Matt Von Vertmoor is a man driven. Each morning at exactly five a.m. he leaves his tiny downtown apartment and travels by subway to the Canadian Opera Company’s Performance Venue on Queen St. West. After […]

New Radiohead Album ‘Too Soon, Too Soon’ Say Fans

By DJ Salinger, ENGLAND (London) – For those select few lucky enough to be gathered at 19 Breithoss Crossing Place the event held this Sunday evening was one approaching a religious experience. Popular British Deepresso artists Radiohead slipped quietly past the mass media radar, and ingeniously, by holding their secret first listening party one month after the album’s official mainstream release, once again had many music industry veterans feeling baffled and a trifle out of touch.

50 Cent Loses One-Size-Fits-All Key To Bridgeport

By DJ Salinger, CONNECTICUT- American film star and hip-hop music sensation 50 Cent was given the key to the city of Bridgeport by maverick Mayor John Fabrizi just weeks ago in a sizzling gala event celebrating the celebrity’s efforts to […]

Ringo Wrote John’s Songs

Starr, 78, was in snow-covered Toronto to promote his new film “Caveman 2”, a just-completed sequel to his 1986 smash “Caveman” – a film made entirely in Aramaic, a full twenty years before Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ”.

Led Zepplin Offer Amnesty To Fans Who Can’t Spell

By DJ Salinger ENGLAND (London) – Despite the undeniably joyous atmosphere that reigned here at London’s prestigious 02 arena as rock giants Led Zeppelin prepared to take the stage for a long-awaited business reunion Monday, one burning question hung over […]

Thom Yorke Addicted To Bananas

LONDON, England (The Brutal Times)- A man named Thom Yorke who locals say sings songs for the punk rock group “Radio Heads” is reported to be addicted to bananas. The shocking new news was broken by the band’s long-time best […]

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Pulls Plug On Old Time Rock And Roll

CLEVELAND (INFOSANDWICH)- After enduring the soothing syrup of “My Generation” performed by a 78-year-old Pete Townshend and 62-year-old father of five Roger Daltrey backed by a four-piece Hawaiian ukelele orchestra during The Who`s 1990 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame […]