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Old People Live Longer

By El Toro, WASHINGTON – As Barack Obama America’s first president gears up to give all Americans universal health care, folks are leaning back in their chairs and on the couch to consider the results of a prestigious 60 year study that proves what most of us already knew:

Old people live longer.

“Old people, live longer than young people, ” said Tim Barnes, an unpaid intern at MyGoodies, a multi-billi0n-gazillion dollar tentacles around the world.

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Iraq Offers To Reduce Brutal Cost Of War

By Barry Hussein, Iraq, BAGHDAD – As costs mount for the pricey Iraq war, bean counters in the US administration have been prodding policymakers to look for cheaper theaters of operation in the upcoming fiscal new year. The non-partisan Congressional […]

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State Of The Union Spoiler: Iraq War ‘Ironic’ Bush Says

By the serge, WASHINGTON (The Brutal Times) – In advance copies of tonight’s State of the Union address obtained by The Brutal Times, President George W Bush reveals his 2003 plan to invade Iraq was “ironic,” and insists that he […]

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Iraqis Strive To Top 2006 Death Toll

By Styles Cradgerock, Iraq, BAGHDAD – With time running out as December nears to a close Baghdadis of all sizes, sects and credit histories rushed to kill one another and top 2006’s death toll. Brushing aside US and Blackwater Construction […]

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