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Palin Babygate Entangles Edwards

(By Barry Hussein) ST PAUL, MINNESOTA – With only days and minutes remaining in the super-charged 2008 presidential race newly-cemented Republican vice-presidential pick Governor Sarah Palin is turning heads and pricking up ears with her peppy plunk and can-do attitude.

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11 Year-old: “Obama plus Biden Spells Bin Laden”

As Barrack Obama’s throngs of gyrating bikini-clad supporters are just coming to terms with his formal renunciation of his decision Thursday to select his wife of eighteen years Michelle Obama as vice-presidential running mate, a new shocker is shock-rocking this seaside mountain villa.

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Obama Announces Running Mate: It’s Michelle!!

WASHINGTON – We’ve just received word, ahead of the Twitter update the world is waiting for, from a source close to the presidential hopeful that Obama has decided to break with tradition and choose his wife, Michelle Obama, as his official running mate.

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Oprah Has Big Boobs

By Ohashi Jozu (Special to The Brutal Times) CHICAGO- It came as no surprise this week when talk show maven Oprah Winfrey casually bucked the trend and endorsed US presidential hopeful Barack Obama. Oprah has made no secret of her […]

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