11 Year-old: “Obama plus Biden Spells Bin Laden”

Shock, Awe, and Consternation at Ignatious Woo's damning revelation

By Barry Hussein (Mr Impossible & The Serge also contibuted to portions of this article) DENVER-

As Barrack Obama’s throngs of gyrating bikini-clad supporters are just coming to terms with his formal renunciation of his decision Thursday to select his wife of eighteen years Michelle Obama as vice-presidential running mate, a new shocker is shock-rocking this seaside mountain villa.

Denver high school senior Ignatious Woo, 11, set off a firestorm early Saturday when he posted on his blog hillaryhotrodhamclinton.com that “if you add the names of mr. barack obama and his new running mate mr. biden together, they spell osama bin laden.”

Woo, who has attracted much attention for his whistling and catcalling during the speech of Ms. Clinton at the Democratic convention is fond of puzzles and claims his uncle “invented sudoku”.

Cemented Republican presidential nominee John McCain beamed with mischief when asked to comment on Woo’s spelling skills.

“The little bugger,” he laughed.

McCain generally calls children, and all humans under 60, “little buggers” according to his campaign spokesperson Margret Haime. “It’s a term of affection, and has origins in Irish, Belgian and Norwegian folklore,” she added.

Mr. Obama’s camp has predictably, been not as admiring of the young Woo.

“He’s eleven, ok? Eleven,” barked Team Obama pointman Dale Jaffe. “And I think it’s clear that when we get to the stage when eleven-year-olds are starting to decide who loses and who gets ahead in American politics, we’re in big trouble.”

Make sense?

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4 Responses to 11 Year-old: “Obama plus Biden Spells Bin Laden”

  1. Horace Bumbleforth says:

    I find it astounding and gratifying that someone so young has noticed what no other adult human has! Take that you ‘today’s education is below the standards of the past’ saying naysayers! Omedetou to you mr. woo!

  2. billy says:

    sudoku is for girls.

  3. minako says:

    hi billy!! im minaKO 22, japans girl!?! you like su do ku?!?

  4. admin says:

    minako, i have taken the liberty of copying your entries and forwarding them to Daemon Mailer. You have received copious warnings, right?