Senator…Madonna? New Yorkers Want Material Girl to Run

By DJ Salinger, NEW YORK CITY – As CNN persists in its coverage of that boring Gaza invasion by Israel, center of the Earth, New York City is all hopped up and ready over what everyone here all ready knows is really 2009’s top story: the effort to draft Madonna as New York’s new senator.

Madonna, whom as you know is the hottest hottie over 50 in America next to Hillary “hot” Rodham Clinton recently dumped boring Brit boyfriend Guy Richie in order to move back to her native New York and be closer to her peeps.

Following Ms Clinton’s decision to vacate her seat as New York Senator, some losers had suggested JFK’s daughter Caroline Schlossberg Kennedy replace her. The losers, thought another girl would be good since Ms Clinton was/is a girl and people like girls more than boys.

But- Schlossberg is kinda boring and plus Clinton, despite maybe using her jobbie as senator to get in the spotlight, run for prez, and so on, actually did some stuff while she had the jobbie (according to my friend’s friend who lives there – in New York).

Soooo…the Schlossberg Hindenburg zepplin is ready and waiting to be shot down by a more exciting candidate – like Madonna!!

Plus there’s a precedent – lots of celebrities (famous people) got jobs as politicians when they ran out of other ideas of things to do. Try and think of as many as you can!

It’d be good to include right about here a quote from Madonna on the issue, but so far as far as we know there’s no comment – so mysterious!

Why are you laughing?

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  1. shiraz mountbatten says:

    it is foul!!! im frothing at it!!