Oh-oh, Ah-ha Change Name to Uh-huh

By DJ Salinger, SEATTLE – One of the most influential shock-rock groups on the Seattle grunge scene, Ah-ha, have announced plans to change their name to Uh-huh.

The change will occur on June 4th, 2011 to allow fans a chance to update their iPods before they get sued.

“No one who misspells the name is going to be prosecuted,” verified A-ha/Uh-huh’s chief legal counsel Veal McDougall III. “Until June 5th.”

Ok, but how come Uh-Huh and not Oh-ho, Ho-ho, Ha-ha, Wow, Heyyyy!, Whippee! or Uh-Uh?”

“We thought about Uh-Uh for a while, ” said the band’s drummer, Lars Ulrich, “but Sammy (Hagar – the band’s singer) thought it was too negative.”

“That may change though, actually, as – don’t tell anyone, but we’re thinking of kicking him out,” Mr Ulrich went on.

“But how would you kick him out?” I asked.

“Basically, just not call him anymore I guess,” Mr Ulrich replied.

Or. Did. He?!?

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