Millions Misspell ‘Flotilla’ as ‘Tortilla’ When Sexting

By Daemon Mailer, THE INTERNET – Millions have manned up this morning to misspelling “flotilla”, a lay term meaning “floating tortilla”, as “tortilla”, a land-bound Mexican delicacy served at Taco Bell.

The misspellings occured mainly during sexting.

Dictionary user Ray Goolens, 19, pointed his finger and ranted at those guilty of the misspellings.

“They deserve everything that’s coming to them,” he said, twitching.

Dee Tick, 5o, a hedge fund manager at Billy’s Bank in Boston, texted his partner Heather Kitt, 89 over 200 misspelt sexts.

He faces life in prison.

“What they should do to these…people…is they should send them to Toronto, build a large security fence around them, and blast them with a vuvuzela,” Underwood Baker, a travelling sidewalk chalk artist demanded, in addition to a dollar.

Are we gonna see more of this in the future?

“You’re gonna see more of this in the future,” ejaculated Harvey Nostradamus, who teaches a night course on the future in all night donut shoppe restrooms. “Sexting typos will reach their climax around 2010 before or during the Haldron Collider going haywire and introducing the face of the earth to the moon,” he went on.

Are there any ways to like stop or slow the missexting?

“No, but if you’re worried about playing the fool in conversation you could repeat ‘Flotilla tortilla, tortilla flotilla’ to yourself in a mantra until you’ve mastered them,” repeated Liz Kayman, 30,a cyclist.

It’s ballsy.

“Yeah, it is, and most people aren’t gonna go in for it,” Kayman admitted, popping a wheelie.

Flotilla tortilla, tortilla flotilla.


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2 Responses to Millions Misspell ‘Flotilla’ as ‘Tortilla’ When Sexting

  1. carlotta nicole says:

    C’mon. That’s some kinda joke, right?

  2. ben folds says:

    man, does this bring back memories! sexting – i wish i had time for it now! i guess as time goes by, nobody has time for anything, and then it’s the big blank. am i right?