George Lucas to Shoot Chinese Democracy Videos

By DJ Salinger, LOS ANGELES – George Lucas is ready to rumble. Locked and loaded with energy after the stunning success of his latest act of self-sabotage Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, the gruff-as-ever Lucas confirmed Monday that he is slated to direct the first of seven videos from Guns N’ Roses fresh out the oven Chinese Democracy album.

“Yeah, I’m really amped about the whole prospect,” smiled Lucas, when quizzed about his music video directorial debut. “Axl reminds me of Yoda and I’m looking forward to having, uh, I dunno, some kind of a Darth Maul kind of Yoda CG thing going on with you know, maybe one of them or both singing some of the lyrics to one of the slower numbers on the album,” he went on.

Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy, which hit Best Buy stores last week is the band’s first release since 1991. At that time the group released two separate albums, Use Your Illusion I and II. They featured 3 “really really good songs” according to loyal fans. The new album contains 3 more.

Chinese Democracy took more than a decade to record and during that time all the original band members were replaced, excepting frontman Axl Rose. Around 1996 Rose met Lucas in a White Castle restaurant by chance.

“He asked me about replacing them (the other members of Guns N’ Roses) with droids,” said Lucas. “I guess you could say we sort of bonded.”

The bond has blossomed into what Lucasfilm says will be “the first of seven or seventeen or perhaps seventy videos” filmed for GNR by the flamboyant filmmaker.

Mr Rose has claimed Lucas’ Star Wars Episode One was an inspiration for Chinese Democracy. “I didn’t really like the original Star Wars movies,” admitted Rose on his website last week. “But those prequels- they shook me.”

Or did they?

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