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This is brutality (stories of whimsy) that is featured on The Brutal Times, de gozaimasu.

Plagiarism Scandal Rocks Toronto, Shatters New Year Calm

By Hank Bonner, TORONTO РMichael Conti, a Grade 10 student honor student at Toronto’s prestigious Central
Technical School found himself at the centre of a
fierce dispute between his parents, a highly-revered teacher, and
school administrators Thursday morning.

Led Zepplin Offer Amnesty To Fans Who Can’t Spell

By DJ Salinger ENGLAND (London) – Despite the undeniably joyous atmosphere that reigned here at London’s prestigious 02 arena as rock giants Led Zeppelin prepared to take the stage for a long-awaited business reunion Monday, one burning question hung over […]

Oprah Has Big Boobs

By Ohashi Jozu (Special to The Brutal Times) CHICAGO- It came as no surprise this week when talk show maven Oprah Winfrey casually bucked the trend and endorsed US presidential hopeful Barack Obama. Oprah has made no secret of her […]

Teachers Buried Alive Inside Japanese English School

By Ohashi Jozu,TOKYO – Eileen Fuchenzie couldn’t wait to come to Japan. The 22 year-old Canadian philosophy major at York University spent months packing and re-packing die-hard Canadian staples like Kraft Dinner macaroni and cheese, ampules of maple syrup, and […]