Where Does The Time Go?

By Ken Falls, (Special to The Brutal Times) – It was just yesterday when I was a young man, throwing the ball around and dreaming about going to college where maybe I could meet some nice girl.

Now it’s, wow, fifteen years later, and I’m still pretty much doing the same old. I often wonder – Where does the time go?

By Ken Falls, Nebraska.

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4 Responses to Where Does The Time Go?

  1. elton says:

    “where does the time go?” dude… oh dude…

  2. mel gibson says:

    hold up elton – this is very interesting, vey interesting indeed. it’s just, so…different. thank you the brutal times. thank you for showing us this side of humanity. god bless you.

  3. ban ki moon says:

    i share this normal ordinary american man’s feeling! i was astonished at how similar mr falls’ thoughts were to my own during the last year – it was as if he were my mirror.

  4. nagrek horn says:

    try thinking of doing 10 years in a Vietnamese tiger cage. i bet you cant, can you?