Should I Brush my Tongue?

Special to the Brutal Times, By Zoey  Farne, PORTLAND РMore and more people I know are brushing their tongues.

My best friend Trin, a hedge fund manager who held onto her high-rolling lifestyle as her so-workers were culled lately brushes her tongue.

The mailman who used to deliver our mail before he caught that swine flu did not brush his tongue.

In fact he was tongueless.

But that’s another story.

I was so glad when my local Internet site The Brutal Times notified me by carrier pigeon that I had won a one in a billion chance to pen an article about my life -online.

That would be this article you’re ready now.

Actually they said most of their readers are Google spiders – they’re these droids that suck up info and are invisible to the naked eye except to dudes like Daemon Mailer.

Anyway, I don’t know – should I brush my tongue or not?

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One Response to Should I Brush my Tongue?

  1. cheesie "cheezie" manoletti says:

    I have brushed my tongue but also never have.

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