Obama Asks Bush to Stay on as President

By El Toro, HONOLULU – Call it a case of daring spontaneity brought on by the soothing sand and sun and sea of a sensational luxury post-election breather. Several stalwart Barack Obama supporters were mildly amused by reports coming out of Honolulu this morning that Mr Obama had met privately at his tasteful beach villa with President Bush and several of his friends. Obama has recently out-Mac’ed the Maverick- John McCain, by inviting former political rivals to join his Team of Change.

Jon Favreau, Obama’s 27-year-old speech writer said, speaking for Mr Obama, “Uh, I ah and uh, President Bush decided that- that ah, he would ah, best uh be ah suited that he should continue ah to serve out his term AND- that he would be be best to continue on as presisident while I continue here in Hawaii, to carry out my tasks on Main Street for the people of America.”

Obama, following his decision last month to ask Bush administration Defense Secretary Robert Gates to stay on asked Bush if he would “preserve the ah, much needed, ah and uh important ah continuity” by staying on as president for “at least the next year and a half” of an Obama presidency.

Bush, apparently was flattered by the offer, although why this could be was a surprise to some Bush-watchers who well-recall Bush making a similar offer to Al Gore during the disputed 2000 election.

Mr Gore declined the offer to share the presidency and instead grew a beard and stayed up late into the wee hours stroking it. Stroking the beard, that is.

While Mr Bush has yet to make up his mind, White House spokesperson Vinnie Barbarino said that the president probably will take the job now that his retirement career as a print model for Canadian fashion plate Neck & Penis has been thrust into jeopardy.

“Mr Bush hasn’t yet made up his mind whether to be the president of a Democratic administration while Mr Obama continues his vacation, but due to the dire state of Neck & Penis it may be something that he is taking a good look at,” Mr Barbarino confided.

Neck & Penis, one of the largest Canadian fashion firms slumped sharply this month with shares slipping a whopping 68.8% during a one-day trading session last week. The firm, which surged throughout the spring mostly due to its unique one-of-a-kind imitated by none unparalleled catering to the neck and penis body areas, is now limping along in most markets.

Bush was contacted by Anhouser Blo, N&P`s shop staff, shortly after he decided to retire to private life last year, to pose as the model of choice for the glamorous firm’s neck and penis couture.

“N&P is forecast for negative growth next year, and well into 2010,” says Business Jesus, a respected Internet financial source. “President Bush would be wise to take up Obama’s offer and see what he can get done in a bipartisan coalition next year,” he went on.

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