My Sister’s Too Pushy

Special to the Brutal Times, By Pam Haley – My sister’s too pushy. Boy, when she wants something, she’s the first one to tell ya. Like the other day, she calls me up on my mobular telephone and without even asking me how my day’s going or asking me about my probs, she’s asking if I can come over and feed her kid and talk to her husband about his impotence again.

Like, hello – I was just there Thursday.

I mean, I have a life too, am I right?

My sister was born with me in the womb. When we got out that’s when the trouble started.

Mom showered me with kudos and dad installed me as CEO of his conglomerate poison gas company. I was only ten. My, how time flies, I`m over the hill now and can barely move.

And yet I never complain. Why? Because I know this life rocks. My sister just doesn’t get it. She gets up in peoples’ faces and steps on their fingers. Thats not they way to be earning friends and rising to the top. She’s gonna be at the bottom of the pyramid.

When she wanted me to be her bridesmaid she didn’t couch her language or make an effort not to roll her r’s. Her voice was like a budgie being shot through my ear with a burp gun.

When she talks it’s not sweet or soothing like it should be. In hard contrast it leaves you aching for revenge .

Still, I find it incredibly hard to point to any concrete examples of her actually being too pushy. Is it just as much as a family crime for me to feel she’s being too pushy?

I feel like someone’s trying to silence my unique voice.

I love my sister.

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One Response to My Sister’s Too Pushy

  1. nicolai robbe says:

    so,why even have a sister then, if you think you’re so great?