My Friend’s Friend Is In Al Qaeda!

TOKYO, Japan (CNN) — Japan’s justice minister said “a friend of a friend … is a member of al Qaeda” and had entered the country several times, using various passports, an officer of the Justice Ministry told CNN.

Hatoyama says a friend from a butterfly collectors group knows a member of al Qaeda.Minister saying not smart thing

He recalls hearing his friend’s friend talking about ‘bombing’ and ‘Bali’ and assumed that they were discussing a trip to Bali to make an attempt to capture what is thought of as the holy grail among butterfly collectors, the ‘Bali Bomb’, so named for it’s highly flamable wings.

The friend of a friend also apparently asked the Justice Minister if he had any extra Japanese passports lying around. ” I gave him the two or three I had on me, it’s no big deal really. After all, I am the Jusitice Minister.”

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One Response to My Friend’s Friend Is In Al Qaeda!

  1. mr. impossible says:

    Tip to the wise: rumour has it that foriegners who wish to avoid the lines for the new ‘Yokoso safety Japan! fingerprint machines’ at immigration need only say that they are a friend of a friend of Mr. Hatoyama and they can enjoy Japan without leaving a fingerprint!