Man ‘Looks Forward’ to Pay Day

By Business Jesus, BOSTON – President Barack Obama has loosed the hounds of hell on the global economic crisis and so far it’s looking up up up for all the world’s workers and friends of their friends.

The news has been full of how said global economic crisis (or GECK) has been ruffling the feathers of regular folks for like months.

Want more?

A man, Devrit Ewing, 27, told The Brutal Times, Wednesday, that he ‘looks forward’ to pay day.

“I looks forward to pay day,” he said.

After payment had been secured and both BT and DE (Mr Devrit Ewing, duh!) had settled into their comfort zones (having gone to toilet, nestled into armchairs and so on) DE (see previous explanation) explained himself.

Business Jesus, for BT: So, just exactly..?

Devrit Ewing: Why do I ‘looks forward’ to it?

BJ: Precisely.

DE: Gonna get high. Gonna get wasted!

BJ: But, but isn’t that a bit..?

DE: I deserve it. To unwind, y’know. Kick back – let loose!

BJ: Sure. Well..?

DE: Then I’m gonna get me a woman.

BJ: Oh, come on now.

DE: I mean I’m gonna get me a mighty fine woman.

BJ: With…big old titties?

DE:Whoo! With biiig old titties!

BJ: Have you..?

DE: Well, I’ll probly take her out to a bar, unless I meet her at the bar – in which case she’s already there!

BJ: Uh huh, but –

DE: I wrote me a little song, about pay day.

BJ: You’re shitting me.

DE: Dja like to hear it?

BJ: …

DE: It’s called – ‘Pay Day’

BJ: You ought to have gone into marketing instead of teaching English in Japan.

DE: (sings) Pay Day!

That’s my hip hip hooray day!

BJ: Thank you – a fucking tour de force.

DE: Actually I’m not really so concerned with money.

BJ: I’m sorry but we don’t have time for you to contradict yourself.

DE:It shows I have have depth.

BJ: It shows you’re annoying.

DE: I don’t care for money. People should stay home, not work, raise children.

BJ: Dude.

DE: I can’t wait for pay day.

BJ: Dude.

DE: I don’t care for money – money can’t buy me blood.

BJ: Pay day is the 10th. What are you gonna do ’til then?

DE: Touch me – all over my body.

BJ: Jesus.

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