James Brown is Still Dead

By DJ Salinger, DETROIT – Legendary ‘Godfather of Soul’ superstar singing sensation James Brown is still dead, reports out of America’s motor city, Detroit, are confirming this morning.

Brown, 70, died a while ago after spanning a singing career of over seventy years.

Fans of the singer reported him missing after they showed up for concerts and noticed that he wasn’t there.

“I called 9-11 immediately when I noticed Mr Brown, James, wasn’t on the stage,” said concertgoer L. Frames Jacob, 25, of Lafayetteville.

“I found out later he had died,” he went on.

Mr Brown had died three years earlier, insiders said.

Persons on the scene today in and around Detroit reported no sightings of Brown and the deceased singer has not released any new recordings since he died.

“One sure way to find out if an artist passes,” says record company executive Jimmy Jam-san, “is if you see their record company isn’t putting out any new releases of that particular artist.”


“What you may see, probably, is a slight increase in the number of boxed sets, greatest hits packages, best ofs, and what have you,” he went on.

Or…did he?!?

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