Is Ben Afleck U.S. Cinema’s Enfant Terrible?

By Smia Oots, Los Angeles, HOLLYWOOD – No.

About Smia Oots

Smia Oots is a free-floating wild card racked up on painkillers and an automated sequence of commands who came to Tokyo to pursue her interest in social drinking. Always in search of new moments that can only live on in recollection, Oots asks we put the Enlightenment behind us, stat.
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3 Responses to Is Ben Afleck U.S. Cinema’s Enfant Terrible?

  1. nancy glassman says:

    must be nice to get paid to sit around all day and type up such nonsense.

  2. ben folds says:

    hmm. we can’t know anything, so we cant know the answer to that.

  3. apostropho says:

    Yes. he terrifies me anyway.

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