I’m Too Tired to Cook

By Karl Hame III, Special to The Brutal Times – When I get home from life on the road I don’ t want to talk to nobody and I just keep wishin’ I was back in ‘Nam.

Wait – no, that’s not it at all.

I’m a kids’ mom, and when I get home from school I’m too tired to cook.

I tried cooking one a those goddam so-called hard boiled eggs and I gave myself a scar I’ll never forget.

In the old days a scar like that would get you bumped from Economy up to First Class. On an aeroplane.

Cooking requires time and concentration I just don’t have, mate.

The big question is how without cooking one is to feed oneself.

Or hisself or herself.

I don’t think about it. If I see food I grab it and stuff it in my mouth. No one owns food.

I guess you’d call me a foodie. But would you call it to my face? Could you tell my face from the rear of my head? From my efforts I’d say 50-50 you can’t.

God, I’m hungry.

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One Response to I’m Too Tired to Cook

  1. la bear says:

    heyyyy….what ever happened to this guy? is he dead? this kind of story got me going. now i’m all wound up. why not make it into a movie or something? answer me.