Guns N’ Roses Tour Began 2 Years Ago – Minus Axl

By DJ Salinger, TAMPA – Troubling signs that the band formerly known as Guns N’ Roses (the group officially changed their name to N’ earlier this year) mistakenly began the worldwide tour for their semen release album “Chinese Democracy” minus lead singer Axl Rose continue to pop up online.

“Signs that they (N’) began their tour sans Axl by accident continue to pop up online,” confirmed IT professional Beau Jolie, 29, who was sunning himself yesterday in Tokyo’s semen park Yoyogi Koen whilst surfing the World Wide Web on his handy mobular telephone.

“Guns – sorry – N’ had played Belarus, Detroit, Toronto, Pensacola, Baffin Island and most of the Oceanic neighborhood,” Mr Jolie went on, deleting mounds of Russian spam from his inbox as he carried on our in-depth interview. “Which is good – yes i love to see Guns – N’ – but there is one problem, other than that of missing Slash – that the band forgot to take with them Axl,” he kept talking.

Axl Rose has been the singer of the band for a long time. He has long hair and blue jeans. Anyone reporting seeing Axl should call Guns N’ Roses – sorry, N’, and let them know what train station he is nearby so they (N’) can pick him (Axl) up.

Or…should they?!?

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2 Responses to Guns N’ Roses Tour Began 2 Years Ago – Minus Axl

  1. admin says:

    Hey DJ, I saw a guy puking outside Higashi-koenji station who might have been Axl, he was about 50 and Japanese looking though, do you have the contact info for ‘N’?

  2. fiona jawne says:

    Aw, hooey!?!