Yale University Job Interview Spoilers

By Business Jesus, SUMMER – Yes, summer’s here and the time is right for humpin’ and thumpin’ on a Friday nite. But what about that job thingy? That one you was supposed to get, you know, to keep up your membership in the Skull & Bones social club, and so on?

Well think no more, young Yalie! Cause unbeknownst to you, just a click away lies your Kurt Cobain in khaki pants nirvana:

Click click your jesus gangbang right here for Yale university’s job interview spoilers!

For those of you in North Korea without a proper wi-fi connection, see below for highlights… of the spoilers:

According to Yale U, you should…

1.Ask yourself is this a place where employees generally wear suites(sic) or khaki pants?

2.If there is diversity among the employers at the (job) fair then you should consider bringing multiple outfits to meet the varied employer images.

3.Cut tags from new garments.

Now, go on out there and get that job by the balls, before…it…gets…you!?!

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