My Boss Really Tees Me Off

By Stan (Special to The Brutal Times) – My boss really tees me off. I mean, every day he’s hovering at my shoulder, nagging me to do this, and do that. Sometimes I get so steamed I have to get up out my chair, walk to the Men’s, and take a time-out.

How come every boss all over the world has to be like that?

If I were the boss I’d give everybody extra time off and just, I don’t know, space to sort of live their own lives.

Sometimes I just want to grip my boss’s head between my hands and say “Listen, man – just…listen.”

I know it’s never going to happen though. I just thank God that there’s millions trapped here like me. If it was just me, alone, I don’t know what I’d do.


(Stan is a homeowner in Richmond, British Columbia. He is married and has two children. Recently he and his wife Sara purchased a new couch set from Ikea. So far they’re happy with it but last weekend Sara became enraged when Stan confessed he had forgotten to load all of the sofa cushions into their minivan upon leaving Ikea. He said he wasn’t sure, but there may have been a “bonus cushion” included in the sofa package, and he may, may, may have left it in Ikea. Sara spoke to her sister Megan on the phone for hours about this. Megan lives in Frankfurt. Sara made the call without using the family’s special discount FamilyDistance plan and so she was unable to obtain the reasonable 35% discount. It is highly likely that when Stan discovers this he will explode. Stan and Sara. Ordinary people. Just like you, and me.)

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3 Responses to My Boss Really Tees Me Off

  1. mr. impossible says:

    ikea is actually now used in swedish slang to mean ‘the deal-breaker’.

  2. carlos santos says:

    whats wrong with this guy? he dont like work? so what!

  3. billy says:

    are you my father?