GM Unveils New Sex Drive Car

By Styles Cradgerock, DETROIT – Just in time for Christmas, GM has unveiled its most fabulous machine yet – the sex-drive car! The sleek family auto known as the GM Phero, is 100% powered on the pheronome, which in case you don’t know is a musky smelling invisible gas that when sniffed by people drives them wild with desire, often leading to humping.

GM lineworker Glen Habbot says the Phero is already turning heads within its Detroit assembly plant, even before it heads out onto the silky white snow-covered streets tomorrow for its official Christmas Day debut.

“Yeah, I said what you said I said,” said Habbot.

Also, the Phero can be hosed down after a rough ride inside without cause for worry about completely destroying the thing like other cars.

“You can get it on – all day n’ night long in the GM Phero,” reads GM’s official tag line for the hot rod roadster. But GM spokesperson Camille Galot insisted entire families could still ride together without risk of incest or touchy-feely stuff going on.

“We have a gel-like barrier option which shoots out of the steering wheel just in time to prevent that type of undesired horseplay,” she offered.

Because everybody’s gonna lose their jobbie, so many people are relieved GM came up with the Phero just in time and maybe could save the company and the world like rock stars just in time for Christmas etc just like in a movie.

No one I interviewed said this, but it is possible they could have thought it. Facts prove that the majority of people are generally alike. And since I’m one of the majority I take it upon myself as a right to speak for those who can’t.

The GM Phero bursts onto the scene Christmas Day.

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