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A symbol of something, Rabeezio excels in the gymnastics of despair. A plagiarist's wet dream, he'll either recover, or he won't.

Sarah Palin Threw My Hockey Puck in the Lake!

Alaska – Little is known about Sen. John McCain’s newly announced running mate Sarah Palin. But you can count on The Brutal Times to bring you the stories no one else can. We’ve unconvered what could be a bombshell once Obama’s people get thier hands on it.

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Obama Announces Running Mate: It’s Michelle!!

WASHINGTON – We’ve just received word, ahead of the Twitter update the world is waiting for, from a source close to the presidential hopeful that Obama has decided to break with tradition and choose his wife, Michelle Obama, as his official running mate.

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Identity Theft Ruffles Feathers

By Rabeezio Rabeezio, TORONTO – In recent months the Feds have been turning up the heat on Identity Fraudsters, but many people claim it’s too little too late. I’ve always been pretty easy to identify in a crowd, what with […]

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